Fall 2016 Teaching:

PSY 210 (Research Methods) - MWF 9-10:50


Spring 2016 Teaching:

PSY 338 (Cognitive Processes) - MWF 9-9:50

PSY 360 (Psychopharmacology) - MWF 11-11:50


Course Descriptions:


PSY 210 - Research Methods - Experimental and other research methods in psychological research. A laboratory experience is included.


PSY 210L - Research Tools - Skills needed to support PSY 210: use of computers and other tools in all phases of psychological research: information gathering, analysis, and communication; techniques of library searching, elements of writing in APA style, collecting and analyzing data. 


PSY 338 - Cognitive Processes - Cognitive methodology, theory, and empirical basis of the scientific study of human memory and information processing; thinking; problem solving; concept formation. 


PSY 338L - Cognitive Processes Laboratory - Laboratory to accompany PSY 338. 


PSY360 - Psychopharmacology - Detailed analysis of how psychotherapeutic and recreational drugs affect the brain and behavior. Introduction to central nervous system structure and function, the biological basis of drug action in the brain, and the behavioral, clinical, and side-effect profiles of psychoactive drugs.